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Module questions PDF Друк

Module Questions on Philosophy (Religion Studies, Ethics, Aesthetics)



1. The religion study as one of the philosophical sciences, its structure.

2. Religion: term, essence, elements and functions.

3. The main theories of origin of religion.

4. Historical types and forms of religion, their peculiarities.

5. Ethnic religions: laws of origination and peculiarities of religious doctrine and worship. Supply the answer with the examples.

6. Buddhism as a world religion, its origin, religious doctrine, worship, branches.

7. The common features and differences between Judaism and Christianity.

8. Christianity as a world religion: conditions of origination, faith and worship.

9. The main branches of Christianity.

10. Islam: origin, main pillars and taboos of Muslim faith.

11. The traditional confessions in modern age: religious modernism and religious fundamentalism.

12. Neo-religion phenomenon: causes of origination, essence, specificity of existence.

13. History of the struggle for freedom of conscience of Europe. The difference between the concepts: "toleration", "religious tolerance" and "freedom of conscience".

14. Ethics and morals.

15. Moral consciousness: notion, basic elements.

16. Main categories of ethics.

17. The categorical imperative of I. Kant.

18. The subject of aesthetics theory.

19. Basic categories of aesthetics.

20. Art as a phenomenon of spiritual culture: origin, peculiarities.

21. The main tendencies of the XX-XXI cc. art.